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About Us

You mind is like a gold mine, if you dig deep you will find something golden.
― Gift Gugu Mona

Rock Mining & Construction Limited is committed to working in clean environment paying strict attention to safety standard and client’s environmental policies. The company has over 6 years working experience and retained  the best local and non local expertise in the construction and mining industry. Our team of profession tradesmen  and engineer are particular familiar with the extraction industry ,best practices in safety , health and environmental polices to which they have fully compiled.

Some Key Clients of the company Include: 

  • Government of Ghana(Mpohor Wassa East District Assembly)  -MWEDA.
  • Golden Star Wassa Limited (GSWL) .
  • Golden Star Wassa Limited (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited .
  • Adamus Resource Limited.
  • Perseus Mining Limited-Ayanfuri.

The mining & construction industrial continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

Balance Life Work

Safety is one of the highest priorities within Rock mining & construction Limited. And the company will keep it that way.

Green Environment

Protecting our farm land for sustainable agriculture and development.


Research and identify garbage and model manufactures resource flows.

High Integrity

Research and decision sciences papers on sustainability and green industry.

The company


Our vision is to become a leading organzation in the provision of quality equipment and competitive services.


Experience of company in similar bussiness in Ghana.

Since it’s inception, The company has undertaken many project for GOVERNMENT OF GHANA,PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL , NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION ETC.

Safety & Environmental issues at project sites.

Rock Mining & construction limited is committed to deliver a safe working  environment where injury is not entertained. Every worker is strictly  obliged to be safely equipped for tasks to be undertaken.

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